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Business Solutions

Flash Moves offer a wide range of services for businesses. From furniture deliveries to event logistics we can help your business with any part of the process working with your team to efficiently get the job done.

We are able to work in long term basis as well as in short term basis, offering a great communication with our customers as well as an efficient approach. Your will always be one step ahead of what is happening.

Delivery Solutions


We try to make the entire delivery process easy for both your company’s team and customers. Our delivery solutions brings so many advantages to our clients' businesses; the interface of our software, trained industry experts and the continual monitoring of performance focusing on business efficiency.


    How does it work?

    You have a furniture shop or you are a property stylist we can deliver your furniture to your clients. You can choose if the bill is sent to your company or directly to your customer. Using a management system called Trello we update you of all jobs in real time so you know exactly what is going on.

    What do we do?

    We allocate one of our experienced logistics specialists to work with your team the most efficient ways to get the jobs done. You will always be one step ahead of what is happening making your customers happy and likely to come back.

    Hear from our customers

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    A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

    Find answers and general information

    • 1. How do we charge?

      Generally there are two main types of quotes, hourly rate and fixed price.

      If you choose to pay hourly rate the time starts when we arrive at the pick up location and ends when we finish unloading the truck at the final destination. If call out fee applies it will be described on the quote. No hidden costs.

      If you decide to get a fixed price we need a full list of items including boxes and descriptions of the accesses and parking at both properties. After receiving all those information our moving consultants will provide a fixed price for your move.

      All prices are inclusive of GST.

    • 2. How do we deal with heavy items?
    • 3. What are the tools and protective materials we use?
    • 4. How do we take care of fragile items/antiques?
    • 5. Can you pack my stuff or does it need to be packed?